Memory Stick Formatter

Memory Stick Formatter 2.5

Formats memory stick made by Sony
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Quick formats Sony memory USB sticks: MSAC-US40, MSAC-US30, MSAC-USM1*4, etc., PC card adapters: SAC-PC4*1*2, MSAC-PC2N*1*3 and the duo express card adapter MSAC-EX1.

Memory Stick Formatter is a simple and fast freeware application designed for formatting a "Memory Stick". Use Memory Stick Formatter when you want to delete the entire contents of a "Memory Stick" and return it to its original state.

When your computer cannot recognize a "Memory Stick", re-format the "Memory Stick" with Memory Stick Formatter to allow your computer to recognize it again.

Formatting means to delete all data stored on a "Memory Stick" and return it to the original state in which you purchased it.

Note: When you format a "Memory Stick" that already contains data, all data on it will be deleted. Be careful that you do not delete important data.

Memory Stick Formatter supports the following kinds of "Memory Stick" media manufactured by Sony Corporation:

- "Memory Stick" (without MagicGate)

- "Memory Stick" (with MagicGate)

- "Memory Stick Duo" (without MagicGate)

- "Memory Stick Duo" (with MagicGate)

- "MagicGate Memory Stick"

- "MagicGate Memory Stick Duo"

- "Memory Stick PRO"

- "Memory Stick PRO Duo"

- "Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo"

- "Memory Stick Micro"

Memory Stick Formatter - a simple and fast tool to easily and effectively format various models of Sony memory sticks.

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